Installation Files Policy

Safety and transparency are our top priorities. In this policy we describe the technologies used by the App when installed on the user’s device. They are a mechanism for applications to remember meaningful information on your activity in order to provide individualized experience to you as a user. Installation files cannot in any case retrieve any other data from your device or pass on viruses.

We use installation files to remember your settings and preferences, in order to provide you with a customized experience. We also use installation files to track app usage, so that we can improve the quality of our services.

When the user chooses to install the application on their device, the device downloads the necessary installation files of the application from the respective service (Google / Apple) and performs the installation process. These files are stored in a protected environment of the device, which for security reasons is accessible only by the operating system and the application itself.

After the installation is complete, once the App is opened, it communicates with the server to download the dynamic content (e.g. images, text and other information). The application itself does not include this content in the installation files that are being stored in the device. This content changes dynamically and loads in real time into the application as the user uses it.

The application, for reasons of speed and smooth operation, may store some of the dynamic content on the user's device and within its protected environment and more specifically in a cache, so that recently displayed content can be redisplayed without the need to communicate with the server. This content can be deleted either at the user's choice or automatically by the application or operating system.

The application also stores data that are necessary for its operation i.e username / password used to log in to the application, so that the user does not have to re-enter the same information when closing and reopening the application. This information is stored in a separate place in contrast to the dynamic content, so that there is no risk of it being deleted automatically by the operating system.

The user may choose to clear this level of data, however this means that he user's identification information and other information related to their preferences (e.g. the display language of the application) will be lost.

The existence of this "permanent" memory is necessary for the operation of the application. Also, the storage of this data is as close as possible to the corresponding process of Cookies executed by websites.

If the user chooses to uninstall the application from their device, then all the installation files of the application as well as any information in the cache and permanent memory are permanently deleted.

Third-party files

The App  uses third party or open source software files that are being incorporated in the files that are initially installed in the user’s device and are necessary for the operation of the App. More information on the third party file packages you may find at .

I do not accept the installation files. What can i do?

Installation files are being installed along with the full content of the App and cannot be separated in order for the user to selectively install files on their device. If you do not wish installation files to be used, you must not install the App.